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Data services offered

Data Engineering & Analytics Engineering

  • Gain a setup with the right processes and practices for both your data engineers and analysts.
  • Achieve faster data processing times so that analysts can add more value to your business

Analytics Infrastructure

  • Put your organization on the steps of self serve to reduce the costs and workload on your data team
  • Enable your analysts to use tooling the right way to increase the efficacy of their work

Data Architecture & Modelling

  • Ensure data needs flow with speed and consistency with the right architecture in place
  • Get your ETL and Reverse ETL tools working at peak performance so data flows efficiently

Data Governance

  • Ensure data needs adheres to the proper governance principles to ensure policies, security and data quality
  • You get the most out of your data when it follows a good governance framework, increasing its value to all your stakeholders

Implementation & Guidance

  • Save time in your day-to-day by letting us implement seamlessly and efficiently
  • Provided training material for your teams so any hand offs and communication is seamless


  • Get expert adivce on compliance standards wherever you are operating, know where you high risk threats are and how to cover your bases
  • Wheter is GDPR, HIPPA, or you are looking to beef up your privacy & security, we got you covered

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